Stump Removal

If you’re redesigning your garden, replanting, erecting fencing or starting a new building project, you’ll often find your work is hampered by the presence of old tree stumps. Field & Forest specialise in the removal of those stumps employing a state-of-the-art Predator 38X stump grinder, which enables us to deliver all these benefits:

  • Fast, cost effective service using one of the most powerful machines of its type
  • Our stump grinder will fit through a 2 6 (75cm) doorway, so it can be used just about anywhere
  • Limited debris spray means safer operation and quicker tidy up
  • Low noise levels mean less disturbance in the neighbourhood
  • Chippings can be mixed with soil on site to provide useful mulch, or taken away for recycling
  • Contract work undertaken for tree surgeons, landscapers, builders, local authorities, estate managers and utility companies

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